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I am a Family Physician who currently practices medicine in West Prince County on Prince Edward Island, having moved here from Central Texas in 2008. I see patients at the West Prince Family Health Clinic and Community Hospital O’Leary. I am board certified in Family Medicine and have been practicing medicine since 1995.  I have special interests in evidence-based medicine, 'holistic' medicine, hypnotherapy and palliative care.

Evidence-based Medicine: It is a way of practicing medicine the combines the physician experience, the latest scientific evidence, and patient preferences to help guide choices for therapy.  The goal of evidence-based practice is to provide the best possible care at the lowest possible cost, which benefits the patient the most.  It is care that is provided in a patient centered context, and ultimately it is the patient's preference and shared decision-making the guide our choices.

'Holistic' medicine:  This involves looking at the entire patient, their environment, their relationships, their genetics, their habits, and their underlying illnesses in order to help them improved their health and prevent disease.  Since I started practicing medicine in 1995, I have come to understand that modern medicine does a very good job at defining illnesses and handing out pills, but a very poor job at helping patients change their lives, or understand the sources of the troubles in their lives.  In looking at a patient's whole life (s) (past and present), it often becomes clear that they need to become more aware of the lives they are living.  This means living in the moment, not dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.  When we can live in this moment, suddenly many of the stresses that controlled our lives simply fade into the background.  Mindful living in conjunction with best practices helps me promote the best possible health for patients. Through Hakomi Therapy, we can often access hidden beliefs that shape the course of our lives and in doing so release the hold these memories have upon our behaviour. Through QHHT we can delve into aspects of our past lives that may give us a deeper understanding of our present life.

Palliative medicine: This involves looking at a patient's illness in a different light and is a natural extension of the 'holistic' approach.  Most patients eventually develop diseases and illnesses that have chronic troubling symptoms.  This can be the pain or arthritis, the breathlessness of emphysema, or the weakness from Parkinson's.  In palliative medicine we are working to diminish the suffering of illnesses that have no cure.  The goal of this approach is to maximize the quality of life through control of symptoms, while at the same time minimizing the unnecessary suffering that can be associated with the modern medical approach to disease and cure. 


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