The art of noticing.....

And there it is a gain, that feeling like something is happening that is somehow just outside my field of vision, just outside of my perception.  That little nagging feeling that there is something here that I should notice, give my attention to, but it refuses to come into focus.  I might notice a little something in my jaw, a little feeling of tightness, my tell-tale sign that there is something afoot, but what is it? 

I calm myself down, and take a moment to notice the gnats flying in the sunlight, to listen to the crickets chirping their song, and I begin to remember.  I feel the sunlight on my face, that warmth that began it journey 8 minutes ago.  I listen as the cicada song seems to converge into a sustained note from all sides.  The trees tell me the wind is coming a moment before it arrives, and I listen to its travel long after the journey has passed me by.  Resting in this moment I begin to feel that nothing is truly missing.  I begin to realize once again that all is well, that everything that surrounds me is well, working harmoniously, as it always has and will.  And in this moment I begin to realize that this nagging feeling, this little tightness in my jaw, was a simple reminder service, a little notice to me that I should slow down, and notice my world.  Notice it without any need to do something, notice it without any need to make a change, notice it without any preconception, simply to slow down and notice.

That is the trick, the trick to living fully, it is to slow down, and notice, to notice this one moment as it is happening. This is my wish for myself today, and this is my wish for all people today, that they may be granted to gift of slowing down and noticing.

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