Meditation is a useful tool to help settle the mind and body.  It is something I cannot imagine my day without.  As I have often said, "I don't have time in my day not to meditate".  For many years I have meditated off and on but lately it is more on than not, and the benefits that I have gained personally from this would be hard to completely describe (although I have).  I have recorded some meditations that you might finds useful and you can get to them through Insight Timer, or through my drop box page.  Also, a wonderful podcast by a friend, Marijo Pulo has lots of tips and advice on how to develop a meditation practice. 


These are links to pages that examine and discuss mindfulness and mindfulness practice.

  • McGill Mindfulness Links

    McGill University has a great page regarding mindfulness.  This is their link to exercises but their basic explanation of mindfulness and exercises to deepen your understanding can be found here
  • Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn

    Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn has taught many people how to mange the stress in their life through mindfulness. This website is dedicated to helping people extablish a mindful practice, complete with links to his published works and CDs.

  • How to Meditate

    A great website with lots of practical tips on how to meditate and different styles of meditation.

  • Starting your Meditation Pracitce

    An article in Shambala about starting a meditation practice with practical advice on how to get started and keep it going.

  • Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening

    Designed to help people interested in mindfulness and meditation, but also experiencing aspects of spiritual awakening.  Learn practical ways to design your own mindfulness/meditation practice; how to explore and enhance your intuitive talents; learn helpful life skills; and develop a broader understanding of the evolutionary changes going on around us which may be driving your spiritual awakening experiences.

  • Simplifying Your Life

    A blogpost from John Halamka about his simplifying his life.

  • Simplifying Your Life Site II

    An interesting WikiHow site that helps guide you toward a more simple life

  • Dr Jill Bolte Taylor Speaking on Left and Right Brain

    The is a TED talk by Dr Bolte Taylor about the insight she gained during and after her stroke. This insight into the fundamental nature of humanity is profound.

  • Interview with Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn

    Jon Kabat-Zinn has learned, through science and experience, about mindfulness as a way of life. This is wisdom with immediate relevance to the ordinary and extreme stresses of our time — from economic peril, to parenting, to life in a digital age.