Since 1996 I have worked to help people improve their health and lead meaningful fulfilling lives.

My Mission

To find those beliefs and behaviours that hold me back, that keep me from saying yes to life as it comes to me, and helping every person find those hidden beliefs and behaviours, in themselves, so they can say yes to themselves when  have always said no.

The possibility of change

  • Our core beliefs are established early in life, they are deep, they are unconcious
  • They help us organize our world and avoid pain
  • These core beliefs drive our unconscious behaviour
  • When we think we can do something or we think we can't it is these core beliefs that are calling the shots
  • Unconscious does not mean inaccessible
  • There are many road that lead to the core beliefs
  • Once seen deeply, core beliefs can be changed and updated
  • When a core belief is changed, every behaviour that touches it changes as well
  • Change at the core is profound and deeply moving